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TW: ableism, physical abuse, child abuse, spanking

~ be safe and love yourself. ~


Max might have a condition. But all that yelling and talking back is UNACCEPTABLE. And they just let him do it and politely ask him to stop. Nope, couldn’t be me.

note to others reading: the OP included the tag “#my child will know better or I’m getting a belt”. and if you don’t watch ‘parenthood’, max is an autistic child.

i barely know where to even start with your posts. the fact that you’re planning to beat your special needs child makes me feel physically ill. it’s bad enough to be talking about beating a child with a belt in the first place—that isn’t a ‘spanking’, it’s not ‘discipline’, it’s flat-out beating your child. abusing them. causing potentially permanent physical damage and often long-term psychological damage. (not to manage the fact that abused children are more likely to grow up and beat their own children, as evidenced by your follow-up admission of being beaten yourself and your announcement of your intention to beat your own child someday.)

of course limits need to be set for children regardless of any other factor. children need guidance and occasionally a firm but non-violent hand in order to learn right from wrong and become decent human beings and productive members of society.

but there are about a million different ways to deal with a child who acts out that don’t involve physical violence. a parent “whooping” a child’s “ass” is a parent that has completely lost control of themselves, their child, or both. particularly when we’re talking about a child with special needs. one of those needs is being raised by someone willing to make the effort to learn about their needs and try to meet them in productive ways as opposed to just slapping the child around.


I’m on season 2 of Parenthood, and I think my least favorite characters are Amber and Max. Only because if I did the things they did my mom, dad, grandma, aunt, uncle, and grandpa would’ve WHOOPED my ass! So I’m just jealous lol.

you’re jealous of a child with autism. one whom you’ve apparently watched struggle for two seasons so far. who has no friends. who gets tormented. who has incredibly low self esteem because he feels like a ‘freak’ and a ‘retard’. and who harbors self-hatred because he literally cannot understand why, if he’s so smart, he doesn’t know why people pick on him and treat him like crap. you’re jealous of his inability to control his reactions to things. you’re jealous of the lifetime of pain, judgement, (and if you had it your way, beatings) that he has waiting for him in the future.

it is clear that you have no understanding of autism if you think the solution is child abuse, that you can beat the autism out of a child, and if you’re jealous of a child that literally cannot control his reactions. i hope that you don’t have a child with special needs someday and that if you do, you decide to learn some coping skills of your own and actually be a parent instead of a dictator who just takes a belt to them every time they do something you don’t like. we have enough damaged people in the world, including a terrifyingly high incidence of abuse among autistic people; please re-think your goal of contributing to that statistic.

and in the meantime i hope you can manage to learn a little respect for people with autism, people with  special needs in general, and people period. because the way you speak is ableist, ignorant, and cruel.

Ziva: I had nothing but death in my heart.

Gibbs: You never had a choice. He didn’t give you a choice. He raised you to be a ruthless, soulless killer.

Ziva: I did not mean to live through it.

i know that feeling.

Question: Why do Tumblr geeks only travel in odd-numbered groups?

Answer: Because they can’t even.

just kidding.

Answer: Tumblr geeks don’t travel in groups at all because we never leave our houses.

thanks to fangheart for the punchline.

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