listen, to whoever's reading this, i really hope you don't expect me to say anything profound or whatever because that's not really who i am.

there's really not much to say. girl in the world, not very smart, not very pretty, kind of a loser.

gastroparesis, auto-immune disorder, dysautonomia, autism, proud tubie

hunger games, harry potter, the west wing, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, dinosaurs, sharks, john green

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Ziva: I had nothing but death in my heart.

Gibbs: You never had a choice. He didn’t give you a choice. He raised you to be a ruthless, soulless killer.

Ziva: I did not mean to live through it.

i know that feeling.

Question: Why do Tumblr geeks only travel in odd-numbered groups?

Answer: Because they can’t even.

just kidding.

Answer: Tumblr geeks don’t travel in groups at all because we never leave our houses.

thanks to fangheart for the punchline.

follow him, he’s sexy as hell.